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Glasschain.org is a non-profit foundation in Switzerland with the goal to reduce fraud within the Bitcoin network. We have created this website for the public and it can be used by anyone free of charge. Understanding the problems that come along with Bitcoin, we know that the only way to reduce fraud is to make it very hard, to get away with it. The success of that undertaking, relies a lot users reporting fraudulent activity as well as us attacking each and every case. Currently, only wealthy individuals or corporations have the means to invoke a blockchain investigation but with glasschain.org, now everyone can bringing more transparency than ever before.

It is the sole purpose of glasschain.org to give users a chance to recover bitcoins (or a fraction of it) that have been stolen or in any other way lost by someone committing a criminal act. Most scammers, blackmailers, extortionists and even hackers are mostly using Bitcoin much less anonymous, then they think they do.