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Who we are

Glasschain.org is a non-profit foundation in Switzerland with the goal to reduce fraud within the Bitcoin network. We have created this website for the public and it can be used by anyone free of charge. Understanding the problems that come along with Bitcoin, we know that the only way to reduce fraud is to make it very hard, to get away with it. The success of that undertaking, relies a lot users reporting fraudulent activity as well as us attacking each and every case. Currently, only wealthy individuals or corporations have the means to invoke a blockchain investigation but with glasschain.org, now everyone can bringing more transparency than ever before.

It is the sole purpose of glasschain.org to give users a chance to recover bitcoins (or a fraction of it) that have been stolen or in any other way lost by someone committing a criminal act. Most scammers, blackmailers, extortionists and even hackers are mostly using Bitcoin much less anonymous, then they think they do.


How it works


Find the address you are looking for by entering it on the landing page into the search box. You will be displayed detailed information about that bitcoin address and can see whether there has been made some reports already.


By reporting a fraudulent address, exchanges and service provider can stop criminals from cashing out or moving funds further as they can see that the funds have been tainted.


Track the fund movement by monitoring / following a bitcoin address. You will be notified by email if there is any further reports coming in or the funds are moved to a known platform (exchange, etc.).


I got scammed

If you have been scammed, hacked or have lost bitcoins, it is first of all important to make sure, this cannot happen again. The first step must always be to understand HOW it could happen, otherwise it will be happening to you again with the same or any other wallet you use.

The next step is to gather as much evidence as possible. This is thanks to the use of a public ledger in the case of bitcoin, fairly simple. Important are transactions, addresses, etc. as well as any correspondence (if applicable) with a perpetrator.

Once you have all data together, you should file a report with us. Usually, you will end up with 1 or more transaction where the receiver (Output of the bitcoin transaction) is the malicious party and this is the address (ore more), that you should report to us so we can track it and notify you.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • GlassChain is not the police nor does it replace the police. We cannot recover your funds ourselves but we may be able to show you how to do it. Without GlassChain, your chances are practically 0 to recover the funds, we certainly increase your chances.

  • Definitely yes. First of all, $60 back in 2011 would be more today. Besides that, its important to report every single case as you might report a small transactions that is part of a huge scheme. A small fraud report today could stop a big scam 3 years down the road. All thanks to 1 report.

  • Absolutely not. The moment you pay a criminal the ransom, you support that business model for your own gain. This is why that business exists in the first place. Besides that, most online ransoms are either not true (they most likely do not have a video of you watching adult content) or you will never get back what you lost. Either way, it’s a bad business deal.

  • Many extortion mails or requests come along with a bitcoin address. It is critical to report that address, even if you have not paid or the address is inactive. By adding it to the fraud list, we simply can show the world that this address is associated with a scammer, maybe prevent future criminal acts.

  • Unfortunately not. This is not the business of GlassChain as it doesn’t involve criminal activity unless you lost your key by theft. In this case, it makes sense to track your wallet address(es). If you have lost your keys as in they are at the bottom of the ocean, tracking will not make much sense as there won’t be any activity anymore.

  • This means that our algorithms detected a transfer from a report you did to a particular exchange. We tell you in the notification the name of the exchange, giving you the opportunity to contact that exchange and report your case. See our blog for more details about “how to talk to an exchange about my stolen bitcoins”.

  • Yes it does. This is why it is so important to report every single case. We work with various exchanges that would freeze funds temporarily, if they are sent from a wallet associated with fraudulent activity. Also it limits the ability for the scammer to cause more damage as people might google the address and find our website with your report.

  • If you have the transaction issued by the fraudster (in case of a hack) or you (in case you sent money to a fraudster or scammer), you should report the receiving address(es). It can be more than just 1 address. Important here is to distinguish between the real receiver and the Bitcoin change address. If someone wiped out your entire wallet, most likely there is only one receiver and this is the wallet you should report. If you sent from a wallet with 1 BTC in it 0.2 BTC to a scammer, make sure to only report the address you see in the output section of the transactions, that got those 0.2 BTC. If you report all of them, you might report your own wallet, which you surely don’t intend do. If you have still questions, read the blog article www.glasschain.org/how-to-find-scammer-address